About Blue Moon Swim

Hi, my name is Breauna and I am the owner of Blue Moon Swim. Owning a bikini company has been something I have been working towards since I was 14 years old. Now I'm 19 years old living my dream and finally launching this company. During quarantine, I was out of work and struggled to find a way to obtain Blue Moon Swim's company funds. During this time, I developed a hobby of jewelry making and became really good at it. I started selling my pieces through Instagram in late November 2020. I have saved up almost every dollar I earned from that company and put in savings for Blue Moon Swim. Now here I am, almost a year later doing it all. I run this business by myself. From website building, social media, shipments, restock, ect. I pretty much do it all. Although, I do have some help sometimes:) my sweet boyfriend loves to help me design since I am not the best artist and he is an amazing one. He designed our logo, all of our stickers, and already has upcoming designs for Blue Moon Swim's clothing launch in the future. I also have so much support and love from my parents. They provide me so much knowledge and support with this business. I wouldnt be here without those three lovely beings. Thank you guys<3 I love to take care of the planet, so I have tried my best to make everything as sustainable as possible and also provide knowledgable information about how everyone can do their part to do the same at home. I have received an endless amount of love and support through my family, friends people I just met, and even strangers on social media. Thank you all so much for making my dreams become a reality, I deeply appreciate each and every one of you!