Blue Moon Swim's Sustainability

Our Mission at Blue Moon Swim is to create stylish, yet timeless pieces that are ethically created from recycled materials so our customers can enjoy their Blue Moon bikini for years on end and not have to damage the environment or ones well being doing so.


At the moment the fabrics that we use are ECONYL & Repreve, both of which are made from recycled materials, have a buttery soft feel to them and will last years on end. Econyl is the fabric we use for our solid colors, this fabirc is our favorite because it is created from recycled nets and plastics pulled from the ocean. Repreve is the fabric we use for our prints, since prints cannot be made in Econyl. Repreve fabric is made from recycled bottles so we love using this fabric as well! Both fabrics are high quality, comfortable and long lasting. Every 10 tons of recycled fabric reclaims 448 kg of ocean waste! Although these fabrics are not cheap, they are so worth it. 


At Blue Moon Swim, we also intend that the creation of each piece is sustainable beyond the material. Many unethical manufacturers out there use high amounts of water & electricity, toxic dyes, as well as produce tons of toxic & CO2. eq emissions just to create a crap quality bikini that you'll end up throwing away in a few moths because it becomes unwearable. Our manufacturer carefully creates each piece in sustainable way, in which every 10 tons of recycled fabric used saves 540 kWh of energy and 631,555 litres of water as well as avoiding 503 kq of CO2 eq. emissions and 5,308 kq of toxic emissions. Our manufacturer also uses OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 


Unfortunately, these days its hard to find high quality packaging materials but we do the best we can. Each piece we sell is individually packaged in an avani bag for sanitary purposes. Avani bags are made from the cavassa root, are 100% biodegradable and decompose within 24 hours in any landfill.